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  Hey what's up guys? Sorry about the adds They wont be on your site!

 This is a banner I thought up for your website.


And this is an interactive Flash movie:



                     Right click on this above and click rewind to see it play over again.



I just put together a couple of things, to show you what I can do, this by far  is only a very small example of what can be done on your website. This Flash movie is intended to give you an idea of what I got from your email as to the moving buttons moving in circle and then being able to expand out your products. Your buttons can be what you want, I think using pictures of the rims you are selling would be the thing to!

The best thing about Flash is that it works for both people who have HIGH SPEED and DIAL UP  internet service.  (even though the file sizes are larger) The compact all in one advertising and interactivity, you see I can put what ever background you want with it, as well as specific selling points to your customers. Flash lets your customers use it to display quick information without them having to open up a different page every time they want to look at a different product you are selling.


Building your site will take a few days, but you get professional graphics, and Flash development.

To complete a basic 4 page web site- (mane page, Price page, Product info and disclaimer page, and of course a contact page), including 1 interactive Flash movie, a banner, submission to the 4 major search engines, and up to 15 products to be advertised and sold through the site is $250.00  Shopping cart, email accounts, and additional products are charged accordingly.

I need a $50 deposited before I get started.  $200.oo when completed, Additional animation and Flash movies  $25 per Animation  $20 to $50 for interactive Flash, price depends on complexity!

Extra web pages are just $10.oo Additional charges are dependant on content example: Setting up online carts, email accounts through our site, banners, and  the number of Items to be listed and sold through the site.


Yak at you latter!



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